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              Pebbledash repairs, pebbledash resurfacing, pebbledash removal
                          Remove or Resurface pebble dash, roughcast.                                                                  
           House Rendering repairs, through coloured render, Tyrolean render
      Brickwork repointing, Exterior weatherproof coloured wall coverings
    No more uneven render, cracks, balding pebble dash repairs flaky paint
   We can remove pebble dash, rough cast and replace with a smooth render
                                   No more building maintenance
                 textured wallcoating  tyrolean over pebble dash

Exterior wall repairs

Pebble dash repairs, roughcast, tyrolean, Blown render, Crumbling pointing
No more painting pebbledash, brickwork, render, rough cast walls.

We are exterior home improvement specialists, no more exterior painting pebbledash and building repairs exterior wall coatings, we specialise in resurfacing exterior walls and applying long lasting protective coatings, textured wall coatings, smooth wall coatings and a clear wall coating for brickwork and stonework. Property renovation and wall protection combined, the ideal home improvement no more building repairs. We thoroughly prepare all surfaces removing old flaky paint by needle gunning/power washing, cracks are opened up and filled with specialised filler, all loose render and defective material is removed and all surfaces are made good and uniform. exterior Home improvement
specialists, so whether your walls are pebbledash, roughcast, render, brick, painted or unpainted walls we can transform your home in the colour and texture of your choice with our wall coatings expertise. Goodbye masonry paint.

We can render over pebble dash and render over tyrolean to make smooth.                                       
The property below has been transformed, the problems the customer had was uneven and mismatched exterior walls due to a extention being built and windows taken out and bricked up.
The customer decided on a tyrolean finish which would match the texture of the original surface.            
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                                Renovation and protection 
             textured wall coating   textured wallcoating back
                        The alternative to exterior masonry paint
                               Experts in exterior wall coatings 
We can transform your home to a home you can be proud of a new home in the same place regardless of the condition, textured wall coatings, smooth wall coating and clear wall coating will protect your property walls from the eliments and comes in a wide range of attractive colours. Our wall coating is suitable for all surfaces, ideal for resufacing that old pebble dash render.
Spray applied, 20 times thicker than ordinary paint, microporous, resistant to acid rain, algae, salt sea spray, flexible, durable and long lasting, insulates preventing heat loss through porous walls and prevents penetrating damp. No more exterior masonry painting.
                         Building maintenance repair exterior walls
Rendering, Tyrolean, pointing, pebble dash resurfacing, chimney repairs, no more cracks, blown render patchy painted pebble dash, mismatched walls, crumbling pointing, spalling brickwork, flaky paint, balding pebble dash, our wall coating will renovate and protect exterior walls. No more building repairs,  no more damp walls, no more exterior masonry painting, maintenance free exterior wall coating.
                    tyrolean back    textured wallcoating finished
                                     Expertex Exterior wall coatings
We are a family run exterior wall coating business with over 16 year's experience in all aspects of exterior textured wall coatings and exterior home improvement. Are aim is to make the outside of your home weatherproof and the envy of your neighbours with our maintenance free protective and decorative wall coating solution the alternative to exterior masonry painting. Textured wall coating will  renovate and protect your biggest asset and add value to your home.
We take preparation very seriously this not only maximises the life of the wall coating but gives it that through and through quality that you would expect from a professional textured wall coating company.
We pride ourselves on having no call-backs due to the thorough preparation and the professional application of all our wall coating products, all this and our attention to detail enables us to produce high quality workmanship, guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years with a life expectancy of 30 years.
No more building maintenance, no more exterior masonry paint, no more damp walls.
                                 Specialist wall coatings products
Decorative, flexible, durable, long lasting and economical, guaranteed for a minimum or 15 years, so no more exterior painting, no more damp walls,  maintenance free. Textured wall coatings.
                             Smooth wall coatings, clear wall coatings.
  •   Spray applied exterior textured wall coating
  •   Prevents penetrating damp, damp wall problems
  •   Resists mould, algae, dirt, acid rain, sea salt winds
  •   Microporous, allows walls to breath
  •   Insulates, keeping heating costs down
  •   Textured wall coating is 20 times thicker than ordinary paint
  •   Will not chip, crack, flake or peel
  •   Comes in a wide range of attractive colours
  •   Textured wall coating comes in course, medium, fine and smooth wall coating
  •   Clear weatherproof wall coating for brickwork/ stonework protection
  •   Fully weatherproof and maintenance                                                                             
                                      Exterior wall coatings 
 Renovates and protects exterior walls
 Removing pebble-dash or resurfacing pebble-dash with sand/cement tyrolean render
  Before wall coatings   bagging coat prior to primer   primer coat   wall coatings on front of house  
The above pictures shows pebbledash being coated in the customers choice of texture/colour.
The main problem the customer had was damp and wanted the ivy/creepers removed, we then removed all defective rendering ( blown areas ) opened up cracks and filled them using specialist filler.
The repaired areas was then given a sand/ cement based tyrolean to blend with existing surface.
The whole area was given a bagging coat which is sand/cement/pva mixture which is brush applied after which we applied a primer coat which is roller or brushed applied prior to the final coating which is spray applied ,20 times thicker than paint giving long lasting protection from the eliments.   
                                        British Board of Agrement
Our products have been used on homes, hotels, airport and office buildings throughout the UK and abroad and is environmentally friendly.                             
                                  Expertex exterior wall coating experts
                                          Residential and commercial
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